What About Pelé?

Last Friday night found me exhausted from a long hard work week. I turned on the smart TV on Netflix and Pelé appeared on my screen: I didn’t have to follow my search.

I’m a very fan of football. I love watch international football matches but here in Argentina at least, we didn’t know so much about this brasilian idol. Pelé: if you write his name in spanish, please don’t forget the accent.

Netflix Thumbnail

Edson Arantes Do Nascimento, is the real name from Pelé. I never understand why brasilian players made his own nicknames. When my father told me about this, I imagine the brasilian child gone to the 

As Argentinian, We have to mention Pele everytime we talk about Maradona and Messi. In family and friends’ talks we spend a lot of hours talking about football. Making comparisons about the greatest players of all the times, the best football teams, the most talented players or the most successful coaches. This is a part of our lives. The thing is we have a lot of information about Maradona, and Messi of course because they had part of the breaking news during so much time.

I feel Argentinian journalists try to forget the success which Pele had. Is similar when you’re talking about something you doesn’t like and you try to speak fast and people didn’t pay attention:

Pele won three world cup’s!!!

Nobody can ignore this detail.

Pele, always in black&white mode.

But, what about Pele? People from my generation doesn’t know about the brasilian. I remember when I was a child watching on TV little parts of his goals on the oldest white & black screens. Players and people so much lower than players from today, journalists and TV hosts with a monotone voice and no much more than this.

What happened in those years? (60’s from 70’s)

Was football a big business like nowadays?

Why were the goalkeepers so badly?

Why did the defenders run so slowly?

I started to think seriously about those things. But, immediately I gave up. It’s really impossible to create a system (algorytm or paradigm) that shows us what and why was the best player of all the times. Journalists around the worlds used to mention:

  • Diego Maradona (Argentina)
  • Pele (Brasil)
  • Alfredo Di Stefano (Argentina)
  • Johan Cruyff (Holanda)
  • Ronaldo (Brasil)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
  • Lionel Messi (Argentina)

So, I was looking for details. Pele, for example, had a part as actor and singer because he plays the guitar. This artistic way could sway another view from football players, overall in those times when we didn’t know anything about their private lives.

Pele with Maradona.

Also, the documentary on Netflix takes place on the Medici’s dictatorship. There are different opinions about this, overall what was the author. Nevertheless football players and political things seem to have been walking together since a long time ago around the world.

Watching Pele”, I could see the argument is a story between how football, and especially his own Pele, helps Brazil to grow up in very hard times for countries in Latinoamerica. Brasil always was a big country but it seems sleepy for those day’s before Pele.

The documentary shows Pele in a neutral position about Medici’s dictatorship. But there are opinions that said the government invested so much effort to persuade Pele to play the world cup in 1970. Pele had quit the national team after the world cup ‘66 when Brazil lost in the first step.

In the other side of the neighbourhood, Argentina was living one of the terrible dictatorships of all his history when his national team won the world cup in 1978. 

Maradona used to said he didn’t want to receive the congratulations from Jorge Rafael Videla (the Argentinian president in dictatorship) when he won the Young’s World Cup in 1979.

Johan Cruyff

The Netherlands crack, Johan Cruyff didn’t come to play the World Cup ‘78 because Argentina was found in a dictatorship. He was the only man in the world who took such a position. It was something who nobodys expected.

Another historic and political milestone had taken place in 1986 and Maradona, was one of the starrings: Argentina played versus England in the world cup from Mexico, four years after a terrific war which faced these two countries fighting for the Falkland Islands. The “Hand Goal” from Maradona was considered as a revenge

Maradona making “the goal of the century” vs England.

For those people who used to say “football isn’t so much important”, look at this screenshot:

Screenshot from “Pelé” (Netflix).

Starting from this, we read a lot of news saying that participation in the world cup by national teams could help the government in turn because football win gets better the state of population, especially here in Latinoamerica.

Content Marketing About Pele

Pele as singer (!) in spotify

Here, there is a bonus about Pele maybe more familiar for millennials like me: 

Winning eleven, Play Station.