Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Which token should worth more?

By Moris Beracha.-

Bitcoin is an issue that seems to be increasingly on everyone’s lips. It is a cryptocurrency that could be (and it is already) the new way of doing business when become digital money and, most importantly, universal

However, in recent months another cryptocurrency has gained upside momentum: Ethereum. This digital token has become the second most valuable currency breaking the $1,000 barrier per coin ($ 1,023.51). The price increase multiplied investments in this currency, with positive estimates for the year.

“Ethereum is a new infrastructure on which anything can be put (…) while Bitcoin is the on-ramp into the crypto world,” Lex Sokolin, Autonomous Research’s director of fintech strategy, told Business Insider. The biggest difference, and that may be important in the future, is that the number of Bitcoin is not expected to exceed 21,000,000. Ethereum does not have any coins limit.

Ethereum’s conception is based on smart contracts where agreement enforcement is guaranteed, safely and without involving third-parties.

What draws the attention to this currency is that any person, by acquiring a certain amount, can get a remarkable short-term profit. Only in November Ethereum’s value rose 136%.

Currently, Ethereum can be purchased in the vast majority of platforms for buying and selling different currencies, with Coinbase as one of the most important.

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