Jesus Sarcos | Be Careful With Your Passwords in Social Media

In our current world, social media is a normal thing for us. We, who use these tools to have fun or with enterprise intentions know we are in constant contact. There are many companies and entrepreneurs who have transformed social media into the best advertisement ally. That is why we must guarantee the security of our accounts.

Privacy is an aspect we must take into account, especially when it comes to paswords for an app. There are certain security parameters that hinder the access to non-authorized users. The lenth of the passwords must be of more than 8 characters. It must mix lower case with higher case letters and with non alpha-numerical elements.


It is not advisable to use the same password in social media. If you have a Facebook account and Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat accounts, you should have different passwords that are not linked to the other ones.

For hackers there are accounts that are more interesting than others. For example, artists and politicians usually attract more interest since they are in contact with more valuable information and because of the number of followers. The system specialists try to collect personal data in order to affec apps.


The main aim of this is to have the private information in order to blackmail people or to diffuse viruses. When the first user is infected, the virus is then spread,

It is important not to reveal our phone number if it is associated to our account. If we do so, we risk of having people demanding another password and that the phone sends us a code. It is very dangerous if we are robbed or the phone is lost.