Jesus Sarcos | Do You Know How to Save Important Tweets? We Have the Answer!

Twitter maintains an innovation process to its platform in order to offer to its users more and better experiences when it comes to navigating within its network. Since November until February, the enterprise ran tests with a reduced group of subscribers in order to know the reactions and benefits of a new tool that will allow you to save tweets in order to see them later.

It’s “Bookmarks” and it works through the prism of a new button that is along any content from which you can save privately Tweets, links, videos, gifs, and then check them in a new profile section called “saved elements.”


From a message published in its official profile, the enterprise promoted this new function and did it making some questions to its users with which showed the benefits of this new option. Some of the questions were: Did you find a historical fact? Do you want to save a joke? Have you seen an article you want to check later? And then the enterprise explained there was this new function to save content.

The saved elements belong to a list that only the user will see; it is private. Before, some Twitter users marked as “favorite” some Tweets in order to save them because they were interesting, but this list is public. If someone checked the user’s profile, it may give the idea the user agreed with the content of the Tweet.

The new function is now active in the Web and in mobile Apps for iOS and Android.


The option of saving Tweets is one of the changes the enterprise offered to its users. The most recent one was the increase from 140 to 280 characters in all the timeline Tweets.

Twitter also announced that they are in the search of external consultants in order to optimize the quality of debates, to reduce the risk of manipulation in its platform, and to give more force to new technologies.