Jesus Sarcos | Do You Use Twitter? Be Careful With Fake News

The diffusion of fake news is one of the negative aspects of social media

The diffusion of fake news via Twitter is one of the negative aspects of this social medium since this kind of content tends to become viral more rapidly. According to experts in informatics, true affirmations take six more times to reach the public domain.

When political topics are tackled without the confirmation of the publication, the level of reach of the content becomes more interesting to the users. However, these could promote unnecessary reactions because they affect part of the population.

During the Presidential campaign in the United States of America, information linked to the candidate of the White House at the moment, Donald Trump, gained recognition rapidly. The impact generated by this type of messages generatedFake News Awards.”

This peculiar distinction was delivered in January 2018 by President Donald Trump, who highlighted that this award was, from his point of view, a recognition to the media that make dishonest and erratic coverings. The award also mentioned Twitter because of the publication of articles lacking veracity.


Donald Trump denounced the propagation of fake news that involved him during the Presidential campaign

The mayor problem of fake news on Twitter is that they are not oriented at the reach they have, but at the consequences it may have to a citizen linked to this information and the crimes it may imply.

The users of social media must be able to tell the difference between reliable and manipulated content. They must be careful with what they retweet; this is essential to guarantee that your followers maintain a healthy relationship with the cyber world.

In Spain, being part of a chain of fake messages can be considered a crime. The Penal Code of that country contemplates that the crime of fake news is an expression that damages the dignity of another person, attacking its self-esteem.

So, when you see content of which you are not sure, do not diffuse it.