Jesus Sarcos | Social Media Can Be a Advertisement Investment

The use of social media as an advertisement element or to recognize brands has gained popularity, but its abuse of this tool could generate dreadful consequences such as the loss of followers. Doing activities in social media does not mean to post contents rapidly, working without statistics, without strategies with no control because it can lead us to failure.

The contents that are diffused via social media must generate empathy and establish a connexion with the audience. Social media and community managers must adapt themselves to the lifestyles of its followers without demonstrating directly that we want to sell a product or a service.

Every day, users are more interested in knowing who are behind the brands. The attention to the requirements is vital and demonstrating that it is not about an automatized system will help increase your followers. An honest face is more worthy that a bot. Creating contents with lies just to attract more people or to have a reaction is a death sentence for your social media life.


Contents for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram generate more interactions when they are sharp and direct messages. The brevety is more contundent; it is better to write directly, that is the secret!

An image in more valuable than a thousand words and social media is not the exception. Photos and videos give more attachment to each publication. More than 90% of the shared messages have visual elements. The quality of the photos and the videos must be good. The more resolution an image or video has, the more attractive it will be to the eyes of your followers.

Although your publication must not be exaggerated, activities in social media require a full dedication in the areas of content creation and publication. Sometimes you will need to make direct responses. The use of tools that will help you track social media activity becomes useful.

If you have social media life, do not take them as a game. Your followers deserve respect.