The #keywords problem in the digital #research scenario



Once we have solve (or almost solve) the problem of the author ids in the research scenario, using the same author name always, creating the ORCID and other authors ids, now we need to solve another problem, that, with the irruption of the new technologies and the exponential growth of research publications, information and data, is more and more relevant.

I mean the keywords problem. A Keyword is a word that you type into a computer so that the computer will find the information that contain that word. Keywords are keys for the research process because, as you know, when a research process starts, the researcher must access to a lot of publications, information and so on, and not only for one field, it is common that needs to access information from some different fields. Although we have the Thesaurus, there is not an agreement about the use of the keywords and not exist an standard about this.

Due the continue evolution of the state-of-the-art of the research, new keywords, or different keywords for the same topic, appeared. So it’s not only necessary to collect new keywords, but change the old keywords for the new and evolved. Besides, the same issue could have different keywords in different research fields, so it’s difficult for a researcher to find the good keyword in each case. How can a researcher make sure that he/she has found everything? Really difficult…

Yes, this is the problem, but, this problem have solution? well, there are some initiatives to do so. Creating a web of concepts (research keywords) could be the solution, something like a semantic web of keywords, that store the relationships from the keywords and fields, for example: this field and this keyword are related to this other field and keyword, and so on, creating a graph of relationships. Also we can define this relationships through the citations, creating a web of citations with their relationships.

However, remains a true problem for the researchers, due the huge amount of information and data stored in the internet.

Have you any ideas or initiatives about this? I’m interested in this issue. Can you help me?